Digital Technology Licensing LLC

Digital Technology Licensing LLC (DTL) is a technology licensing company that owns and licenses U.S. Patent No. 5,051,799 (the “'799 Patent”), a key patent in cellular telephone technology. The '799 patent is essential to using Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) codec, an audio data compression algorithm used for speech coding that is widely employed in GSM and UMTS standards for cell phone communications.

The patented technology also provides backward compatibility, which allows cell phones to effectively communicate with older technology in existing cellular towers. Other applications of this patented technology include Bluetooth headsets and digital studio microphones.

General Patent Corporation (GPC) is the exclusive licensing agent for DTL, and GPC has secured 41 settlements and licensees for the ‘799 patent from nationwide cell phone service providers, major cell phone equipment manufacturers, Bluetooth-enabled equipment OEMs, and numerous regional cell phone companies. Every infringer against whom GPC filed a lawsuit on DTL's behalf took a license — without exception.